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The charging mast: the smart solution for public spaces

Nedal Aluminium B.V. proudly presents the Nedal Charging mast, a milestone in charging infrastructure. Our unique insulated mast design guarantees unmatched electrical safety, seamlessly integrated into public spaces. Our versatile charging and lighting masts not only illuminate, but also effectively reduce pressure on public spaces. Integrated transparent payment options enable both payment of charged kWhs and parking charges on the charging mast. These innovative Nedal light/charging masts and payment terminals are indispensable elements of our comprehensive Nedal SmartCity mast product range. Our unwavering commitment to positive user experiences and emission-free transport drives the development of these pioneering Nedal products. With a keen eye on the near future, we bring innovation to the present.

So, what makes this charging plaza and Nedal's charging products so special?

  • Electrical Safety Meets Innovation: We have put safety first with our unique insulated mast design. With 400V / 3-phase 25 amp setups in public areas, safety is paramount.
  • Smart space management: our charging/light poles do double duty, effectively reducing pressure on public spaces. The payment terminal can be seamlessly integrated into our light masts.
  • Convenient and Transparent Payments: Powered by Q-Vend B.V., our payment terminals offer transparency and versatility, accepting payments via PIN, smartphone, fuel/charge cards and even access control cards.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether in private settings such as corporate car parks or public areas, our solution fits seamlessly. In public areas, our terminals can combine both charged kWh’s and parking charges.These Nedal light/charging masts and payment terminals are integral parts of the Nedal SmartCity mast products programme. Our unwavering commitment to positive user experience and promoting the acceptance of emission-free transport leads the development of these innovative Nedal products.

The changing landscape, including the emergence of 5G technology, presents both challenges and opportunities. SmartCity applications, from crowd control to air quality measurement, rely on infrastructures like ours. As 5G installations and SmartCity hardware increase, our multifunctional mast approach helps keep our urban landscapes tidy and efficient.

Nedal has developed light/charging masts alongside these light/SmartCity hardware combo masts. Not pilots, but masts that can be deployed tomorrow.

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