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The new standard for sustainable public lighting

Henceforth, our lighting columns are standard durable. As a standard, lighting columns are equipped with a Nedal HDPE Groundpart. With this, Nedal shall always deliver the most sustainable lighting column with a longer lifespan. With the HDPE Groundpart, the aluminium lighting column is resistant to electrolytic (stray current) corrosion and is well protected against mowers, brush machines, construction paving, moisture, road salt, urine and parking accidents.

In short, for optimal protection, far-reaching corrosion prevention and cost savings, our HDPE Groundpart is the best solution. This is also the conclusion of TNO. Our HDPE column was tested best and rated with a 9.9.

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Contribution to our environment

Aluminium lighting columns in comparison to steel poles, already make an important contribution to our environment . Just think of less maintenance and longer lifespan. We also add our environmentally conscious production processes. For example, using as much recycled aluminium as possible without loss of quality of the end result.

TNO corrosion test

hdpe root protection
tested best
aluminium lighting column

No chance of corrosion

Lighting columns with an HDPE Groundpart are particularly resistant to stray current corrosion. The column is connected to the ground by an HDPE intermediate jacket. This construction guarantees excellent insulation at all times and as such, does not give the root protection a chance to corrode. This construction also serves as a mowing protector.

Benefits of Nedal root protection

Our lighting columns are equipped with durable, high-quality and 100% recyclable HDPE Groundpart. This unique protection is airtight, moisture-free, theft insensitive and vandal-proof. The advantages:

  • No loose parts
  • No accumulation of dirt and moisture
  • Ideal protection when mowing, brushing, laying paving, moisture, road salt, urine, corrosion and parking

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