Lighting columnsPossibilities

Unique possibilities for aluminium lighting columns

Aluminium is a raw material featuring many unique properties making it ideal for many applications. This is one of the reasons that we can develop the perfect lighting column for any environment and any soil type. Take for example our collision-safe lighting columns for provincial roads and highways, classic lighting columns for market squares, but also our unique HDPE ground level protector.

Nedal lighting columns - expanded inner tube

Lighting column sturdier due to expanded inner tube

An expanded inner tube reinforces the lighting column and the area around the service hatch. Not only does it reinforce the lighting column, but it also provides extra protection against the service hatch being kicked in.

The expanded inner tube is always fitted with an integrated assembly rail, two slide nuts and earthed bolt. The assembly rail has been developed by us and is patented. It allows for a quick and easy installation of the electrical components in the column. The dimensions of the assembly rail meet the EN40 standards.

No corrosion due to the innovative ground level protector

The lighting columns are fitted with a thermoplastic ground level protector, which provides excellent protection under normal circumstances. Should the ground level protector be placed in more challenging soil, with for example stray currents and salt concentrations, then the lighting column can be fitted with a HDPE ground level protector. HDPE is a durable, high grade and 100% recyclable synthetic material with a high chemical and thermal resistance. The ground level base, separate from the lighting column, is fully insulated preventing electro galvanic corrosion.

Nedal lighting columns - ground level protection
Nedal lighting columns - ground level protection

Lighting columns and mowing protection

The mowing protector is made of one piece and has a tapered top, which efficiently drains away moisture. It is a fixed system installed at high pressure around the lighting column at ground level. By installing the mowing protector in this manner it remains airtight, moisture free, theft resistant and vandalism proof. Optimum protection in all circumstances, e.g. mowing, mechanical brushing, paving, movement, moisture and road salt.