Safety at Nedal Aluminium

Safety is extremely important when working with machinery and high temperatures. Therefore, from the day it was founded, Nedal has made safety a fundamental part of the business. Nedal’s objective is to work safer every year. We have already met this goal six years in a row. Safety is embedded in the overall Nedal policy and this is confirmed when we obtained our (internationally recognized) safety certification ISO 45001.

Nedal aluminium - safety

In 2010 Nedal launched the safety awareness programme. An integral part of this program is a workshop concerning safety at Nedal. It explains what the risks are and which safety precautions everyone must adhere to. This regards practical requirements such as boots with steel toecaps and the use of hearing protection when operating machinery. The silver thread: ‘we want to return home safe and sound at the end of our shift’.

At Nedal safety officers run observation rounds. During these rounds they critically examine whether all regulations are being followed and employees are held accountable for unsafe behaviour. Employees and Management are also encouraged to address each other, so that we can all ensure our safety together.

Nedal aluminium - safety officer