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Purso OY

Purso Group Oy, based in Nokia, Finland, is a family-owned business specialising in the design and manufacture of aluminium-based solutions for industrial applications, building facades and lighting. Purso offers customised and standard profiles, components, transport systems and cooling solutions with a wide range of further processing services, e.g., machining, bending, and welding. Additionally, they have surface treatment possibilities such as powder-coating and anodising.Purso building systems offers solutions for e.g. facades, doors, windows, and terraces. SNEP® by Purso led luminaires are made of recycled Greenline aluminium and they are widely suitable for different installation heights and spaces. 

In 1959, Purso started as an anodizing factory for aluminum profiles. Purso Oy and its first aluminum extrusion line were put into operation in 1974 in Siuro, Nokia. Currently, the Group also consists of Linjapinta Oy, which focuses on powder coating, and Purso AluCool Oy, a manufacturer of aluminum cooling elements.

With its extrusion aluminium lines in Nokia, Purso had reached full production capacity for a while and was looking for capacity. “Besides doubling our production capacity, this transaction helps us strengthen and expand our market reach significantly towards Central Europe in accordance with our strategy,” says Jussi Aro, CEO of Purso Oy, summing up the benefits of the transaction. As a niche player Nedal has a strong reputation in the field of large, heavy, lengthier, and more complex extrusions in a variety of uncommon alloys. “Domestic production will not be moved to the Netherlands through the transaction. Our factories in Finland are known for very refined further processing, so it is entirely possible that aluminium profiles manufactured by Nedal in the Netherlands will also be processed in Finland in the future,” Jussi Aro adds.

Purso Group's total turnover in 2022 was about 250 million euros and the number of employees was 550.

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Purso Oy

CEO: Jussi Aro

Alumiinitie 1, FI-37200 Siuro, Finland

Tel. +358 3 3404 111

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