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Future-ready urban spaces: Nedal's Smart City lighting innovations

With the Nedal Smart City lighting column, every city is ready for the future. As the lighting columns offer the option to install 5G transmitters, WiFi connectors and cameras, the digital infrastructure remains clear and you prevent the installation of even more expensive, sight-polluting transmission towers.

In addition, the Smart City lighting columns offer the option of multiple WiFi or 5G connection points per street, giving everyone access to strong internet.

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More connectivity, less hassle

Due to the way data waves work, faster internet comes at the expense of greater range. With the introduction of the 5G network, this would mean that more transmission towers would be needed. The Nedal Smart City lighting column offers a solution. Since it becomes possible to place a connection box on each lighting column, the range of the 5G network is increased and stabilized. That way, connection points are closer to the street. Consequently, there is less disruption and more direct connectivity with vehicles can be achieved.

As standard, the lighting columns are powered via POE (Power Over Ethernet). The 5G integration takes place via this power supply, so you can kill two birds with one stone. In addition, the Smart City lighting columns also offer the option of power via integrated solar panels, with the option of remote management and a powerful battery that is also ideal for powering cameras, among other things. This makes the Smart City lighting column not only a faster, but also a greener alternative to the installation of more transmission towers.



Connect at lightning speed, all via the lighting column!

The benefits of a smart city lighting column from Nedal:


  • Can be equipped with 5G transmitters
  • Can also be equipped with cameras
  • Perfect option for WiFi connection points
  • No adjustment of electronic infrastructure
  • Faster internet and denser distribution
  • Battery with solar option
  • Prevents more transmission towers in the street scene
  • Low production costs

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