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A practical lighting column which is easy to reach

Nedal's hinge columns are not only suitable for indoor spaces with limited ceiling height, but can also function intensively outdoors thanks to their durable and powerful appearance.


Aluminium hinge lighting column

This is how it works

Our Nedal tilt system has been unique to the market since Mk I debut in 2009. With the ability to lower the lighting columns up to 12 meters in length, an improved appearance and a greatly improved locking system, to name just a few changes, our current Mk III model is our most advanced system yet. Nedal and its Partner ALC have omitted all cumbersome winch equipment and opted for a self-contained, spring-supported 'cartridge' system. It only requires a hand key to operate it. That makes the Nedal tilt system perfect for even the most remote and restricted locations. This ensures ease of maintenance in addition to minimal road closures or platform closures in the event of railway works.

From lighting to CCTV, the Nedal hinge column system is the pragmatic solution.

The spring supported cartridge can be precisely adjusted via the door panel to suit the relevant applied load. Once this is completed, the hinge column raises and lowers smoothly with minimal effort. A locking mechanism holds the lowered light column in place. This allows service engineers to perform their work safely. The ability to install the cartridge in any direction (360°) allows our customers to specify the exact angle at which the column will lower. A useful feature when it comes to "safe working areas" at stations and avoiding objects in the vicinity of the column.

De aluminium kantelmast staat al in de Londense metro

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