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Step 1

At Nedal we give priority to personal service. Our introductory session focuses on understanding your aluminum needs and how we can help you. With extensive experience, we work closely to define project goals, including design objectives and regulatory compliance. We stay abreast of developments in the sector to ensure that your project benefits from the latest insights and techniques.

Step 2

Our technical draftsman makes initial concept proposals, integrating all requirements. Multiple proposals can be generated based on the project. Calculations are made for applications and product requirements. A multidisciplinary team assesses proposals for feasibility, with input from experts from various departments. Adjustments are made based on feedback and options are discussed with specialist suppliers for coordination between design and production. In this phase you will receive a quote from us.

Step 3

After selecting a proposal and approving the quotation, the selected proposal is further developed. Product specifications are documented in technical production drawings. If necessary, a project team is put together to draw up a thorough plan of action for the implementation phase, with clear agreements and a timeline tailored to your wishes.

Step 4

After the design, including all technical specifications and calculations, has been approved, we start designing the mold. At Nedal we have various molds in stock. For custom projects, our specialty, we work together with various specialized suppliers to develop a mold. After receiving the mold, we carry out a test drive (test pressing) and extensively test the result against the quality requirements and your specifications. Based on our findings, we optimize the prototype until it meets all agreed quality criteria.

Step 5

We then start series production, which may involve integrating mechanical operations and surface treatments. Although many processes are handled internally, certain post-processing steps require collaboration with specialized suppliers. All production series undergo continuous quality controls, adhering to the requirements of the design phase, ensuring the quality of the final product. Safety comes first at Nedal, with extensive safety measures and strict compliance by our employees. Nedal has the Lloyd's safety certificate: ISO 45001.

Step 6

We offer a varied range and adapt our packaging accordingly. At Nedal, packaging materials and methods meet your specific requirements and preferences. Our high-quality products are protected during transport in specially designed wooden boxes, while custom packaging is also possible. All packaging materials comply with laws and regulations. We can arrange transport worldwide or deliver products to the destination you specify. Our factory has a climate-controlled warehouse for temporary product storage. Transport is tailored to the needs of each product and all products are accompanied by the necessary export documentation. Safety procedures for packaging and transportation are strictly followed.

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