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Nedal is proud to operate under a multitude of certificates.
We stand for quality over quantity, with a keen eye for sustainability.

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Our certificates:

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You can buy from us with a good conscience!


Our commitment to sustainability and safety contributes to our quality as producer.

As a manufacturer of aluminum products, we would like to reduce our ecological footprint. As an international company, Nedal does its best to create a socially safe and respectful environment when dealing with customers, partners and employees. When working with machines and high temperatures, physical safety is extra important. That is why safety has been a fundamental part of Nedal's business operations since its founding.

Read more about our sustainable and safe approach hier .

Why Nedal?

  • Specialists in aluminum extrusion for 85 years
  • Two extrusion presses
  • Sustainable raw materials
  • Wide variety of alloys
  • Expertise in high-quality applications
  • Worldwide delivery


At Nedal, quality goes further than the specifications and quality of the product.

Quality and quality assurance are an integral part of our business operations. This also concerns the development and optimization of the production process, new products and alloys and safety.


Customer focus

Of course we have premade solutions 'on the shelf', but we excel in customization.

That is our strength! At Nedal, we like to think in terms of aluminium solutions for your problem. Witihin six steps we arrive at a perfect solution - every time. This enables us to deliver excellent products.

Our customer process

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