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Transform train station lighting with our 2EV lighting column

Innovative design and unique construction make the difference at the train station. Because the traditional lighting columns is increasingly used as a basis for new functionalities, Nedal has developed the 2EV lighting column.

The unique thing about the 2EV lighting column is that it is insulated from the ground to above the service door and is equipped with a special insulator at the top. This design means that the column's exterior can no longer be electrified.

The 2EV lighting column is the solution for new construction and renovation of train stations. It provides electrical insulation when used at and around train stations, where stray currents arise when trains pass by. The passing trains have no influence on the 2EV lighting column and there is no corrosion in the aluminum. This ensures safe use of poles on platforms, such as now at the OBB in Austria and at the SSB in Stuttgart.

Under all circumstances, the outside of the 2EV lighting column remains safe to touch. Regardless of the technical condition or the electrical installation in the column and that of the other 2EV lighting columns that are powered by the same power cable.

Aluminium trein perrons Nedal

Your benefits with the 2EV light tower from Nedal:

  • Eddy currents from passing trains have no influence on the 2EV light pole
  • Safe electrical installation within the scope of NEN 3140:2011
  • Equipped with HDPE base with optimal corrosion protection
  • An expected lifespan of 50 years
  • Completely recyclable
  • Class 2 construction in accordance with NEN 1010:2015

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