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Easy, sustainable and ready for the future!

Nedal's all-aluminium columns for road signs are the future, we firmly believe in that. Thanks to their light weight, the bottle-shaped poles are easy to produce, transport and install. If they stand, they stay standing!

These bottle posts are not sensitive to corrosion and therefore have a particularly long lifespan, regardless of which board they support. Because no varnish, galvanic, paint or coating is used, the bottle poles do not leave any harmful substances in the environment. This is not only useful for now, but also for the future.

An environmentally friendly road sign column for every purpose

Nowadays, road signs are needed everywhere and always. Maintaining regular roadsign columns costs a lot of paint. Each pole must be galvanized and maintained. Because these poles are sensitive to corrosion, the coating can end up in the ground or in the water in the immediate vicinity. With Nedal's aluminum columns, this is an issue of the past. Our roadsign columns do not suffer from corrosion and do not require galvanization. This means that our columns do not burden the environment throughout their entire lifespan.

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