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Nedal Aluminium

Aluminium usage & recycling

With its corrosion-resistant properties and the ability to be recycled repeatedly aluminium is an exceptional choice for construction purposes. Aluminium allows for adaptation and reuse to address the evolving demands of our clients, making it a time-less product. On top of that, it is resistant to corrosion and protects the earth from ground pollution. Nedal works with both, recycled and primary aluminium. Recycled aluminium uses only a fraction of the energy necessary for primary aluminium products.

Aluminium is fully recyclable without loss of quality. Aluminium process scrap and post-consumer scrap are collected and taken to a smelter. There, they are remelted into new aluminium posts and used again in our production. In this way, no raw materials are lost. Aluminium from customers and end products can be taken back by Nedal.

Ons Keen on Green programma

With the Keen on Green approach, the production process of our lighting columns has been redesigned to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.

By using 100% green electricity and a high proportion of recycled aluminium, the carbon footprint of Nedal's lighting columns is very low.

The remaining carbon footprint is compensated 100%, making the production of lighting columns ultimately climate-neutral. The  CO2 balance of Nedal's lighting columns is checked annually according to the Climate Neutral Group system.


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Climate neutral lighting columns

Nedal is proud to offer climate-neutral certified products, contributing to a greener and high-performance future. Our Nedal Solar Lighting Columns are an advanced solution for lighting columns that are completely independent of the grid and operate autonomously using renewable solar energy. Customers who buy a light tower product from us receive an annual 'Carbon offset certificate' that states how much of the CO2 emissions from their light towers are offset.

This product is certified by the Climate Neutral Group. An official and recognised organisation with which we are taking our steps towards Net Zero CO2 by 2050.

ISO 14001 certificate

Nedal is ISO 14001 certified. This is a certificate for environmental management and sustainability. This certificate is awarded to companies that actively and consciously contribute to a better environment.

You can find all our certificates here:

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