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In 2010, Nedal launched its safety awareness program. An integral part of this program is a workshop on safety at Nedal. This workshop explains the risks in the workplace and the safety and precautionary measures that everyone must adhere to. This ranges from practical regulations such as steel-toed safety shoes and the use of hearing protection to the use of machines. The common thread is: “At the end of our shift, we want to go home safe and sound.”

The security officer monitors safety throughout Nedal during the organizational observation rounds that he/she carries out regularly. During these rounds, critical attention is paid to ensure that all regulations are adhered to. Employees and management are held accountable for unsafe behaviour. In addition, employees and management are encouraged to communicate with each other so that together we can ensure safety in the workplace.







Inclusion and diversity

Everyone is welcome at Nedal, regardless of origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation. This also includes equal opportunities in training and professional development, equal salaries, compliance with the Metalektro collective agreement, the possibility of joining a union (including tax-privileged membership) or the works council. We distance ourselves from child labour, human trafficking and forced labour and do not employ children.

Our actions to promote gender equality and women's empowerment:

  • Nedal has a female advisor especially for female employees.
  • In order to prevent bullying and/or discrimination and/or violence based on gender, origin, religion or other characteristics, an information campaign has been introduced for all employees.
  • Measures have been implemented to report any violations anonymously (whistleblower system).

Responsible supply chain

When dealing with the supply chain, it is important that we recognise and mitigate risks. We only work with business partners, who take responsibility like us by valuing the environment, human rights, working conditions and anti-corruption.

Our supplier code of conduct is designed to ensure that our suppliers adhere to Nedal's high standards of safe working conditions and fair and respectful treatment.




Nedal Supplier Code of Conduct


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