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According to forecasts 1.7 million additional charging stations must be installed in the Netherlands by 2030. As an innovative solution, the EV-charging/lighting column combination was created based on this market demand.

It is a safe and intelligent product creation for the rapidly increasing need of charging infrastructure that combats the clutter of public spaces.
The EV-Charging/lighting column combination was developed in collaboration with a number of leading companies, all of which are active in the public space. The foundation is Nedal's patented aluminum lighting column, which is extremely safe and most commonly used in public spaces. The EV-Charging/lighting column is the inconspicuous Smart City charging solution for public spaces.


The benefits of a CityChargeR column from Nedal:


  • Suitable for busy city centers
  • Contributes to a greener world
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy installation
  • Also suitable for parking spaces
  • Extremely safe, double insulated mast
  • Affordable to purchase
Nedal Aluminium EV charging column




Watch our EV-charging columns in action:

At HAL22 we have implemented these lighting columns on the parking lot to create a place to sport and charge your car simultaneously.

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