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EN AW-6063

Alloy type: AIMgSi 0.5

The alloy EN AW-6063 is widely used for extrusion and is suitable for applications where no special strength properties are required. Profiles of very high surface quality and suitable for a range of different surface treatments are possible. It is extensively used for architectural components, covering profiles, automotive applications, window and door frames, façade construction, motor pumphousing, lighting columns and flagpoles, and in the food industry.


EN AW-6082

Alloy type: AIMgSi 1

The alloy EN AW-6082 is excellent for highly loaded structural applications, for example in train carriages, marine applications such as helidecks and offshore platforms, containers and mobile cranes. Due to the fine-grained metal structure, the alloy has excellent resistance against dynamic loads and a high fatigue strength. This alloy is highly corrosion resistant and is certified for maritime use.



EN AW-6106

Alloy type: AIMgSiMn

Alloy 6106 is an extrusion alloy designed for an optimal combination of mechanical properties, shape complexity, thin wall thicknesses, surface quality, but also for weldability and formability. Complex shapes are possible, which are not feasible with harder alloys such as 6082. By adding a small amount of Mn, the grain structure becomes finer, which improves the surface quality and deformability. The alloy EN AW-6106 is a medium-strength alloy with applications in, among others. automotive and train construction.


EN AW-7003

Alloy type: AIZn6Mg 0.8 Zr

EN AW-7003 is a high-strength alloy for structural components with mechanical properties that are comparable to EN AW-6082, however without the alloy needing to be quenched after extrusion. Applications include lifts, mobile cranes and air cargo containers. The strength loss due to welding in this alloy can be restored by natural hardening to approx. 90% of the original value.


EN AW-7020

Alloy type: AIZn4.5Mg1

The weldable alloy EN AW-7020 is a high strength alloy for very heavily loaded parts. Due to the relatively low formability of this alloy, the complexity of the profile geometry is somewhat limited (although simple hollow profiles are possible). Among other allications, this alloy is used for mobile cranes, air cargo containers, pump housings, machine parts and the mining industry. This alloy also exhibits partial restoration of the mechanical properties after welding.


EN AW-7108A

Alloy type: AlZn5Mg1Zr(A)

This is the strongest standard alloy that Nedal supplies. It is suitable for very heavily loaded structures, such as such as in transport, elevators, containers and mobile cranes. It is most suitable for simple forms, but hollow profiles are possible in some cases. With careful process management during extrusion and optimal heat treatment, a tensile strength of 400 MPa can be guaranteed.


EN AW-6060

The alloy EN AW-6060 is a widely used extrusion alloy, suitable for applications where no specific requirements are imposed with regard to strength. This alloy allows extrusion of profiles with a very high surface quality, suitable for many surface treatments. This alloy is frequently used for architectural parts, covering profiles, including in automotive applications, door and window frames, facade construction, light and flag poles and in the food industry. Due to the excellent formability, complex profiles can be produced with high dimensional accuracy. The same properties also apply to the slightly stronger alloy EN AW-6063.


EN AW-6005A

The medium-strength alloy EN-AW6005A is generally used for structural parts with a load-bearing function. Typical applications include ladders, parts for train wagons and trucks, offshore applications, etc. Through precise control of the process conditions and a precisely specified composition of the alloy, Nedal can realize an optimal metal structure that has exceptionally good properties under both static and dynamic loads.



EN AW-6101B

For applications where electrical conductivity is important, Nedal supplies the alloy EN AW-6101B. The heat treatment can be optimally tailored to the desired conductivity or strength level. The alloy is used for guide tubes in distribution stations and 'heatsink' profiles.



EN AW-6061

EN AW-6061 is a medium-strength alloy that is used in heavily loaded structures, such as for example scaffolding parts, movable buildings (tents), containers, machine parts and so on ship masts. The final strength can be achieved without the need to sand the profile after extrusion water to cool, which improves dimensional stability and dimensional accuracy.


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