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Our mission

To lead as a business and be the best at what we do.


Our vision

We enlighten our customers, we embrace complexity, we work towards being worldclass regarding quality, sustainability and service.

About us

Nedal develops, produces and sells aluminium profiles and lighting columns. We are proud to be the first Aluminium factory in the Netherlands and to have more than 85 years of experience and history. Based in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, we deliver to clients all over the world. Our three divisions are Nedal Extrusion, Nedal Lighting columns and Nedal CityChargerR.

Today, we provide all different sectors from transport, to automotive, public amenity, offshore and even more. We believe that the possibilities of Aluminium extrusion are infinite and that aluminium is a special metal that will help us and our clients to shape a sustainable and resourceful planet. As part of our proactive commitment to the environment, safety and energy management we comply with internationally recognized quality and environmental standards. For example we are a member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

Nedal stands for quality and reliability, establishing and expanding further manufacturing steps that integrate new and innovative technologies. Our team is a combination of long-lasting employees and young talents. This allows us to serve our clients with persistent knowledge and expertise as well as with innovative ways of thinking. Nedal excels at tailored solutions and is dedicated to offering its clients a unique and perfectly tailored end product.

Nedal Aluminium factory

Facts about us:

  • Founded: 1938
  • Headquarters: Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Parent company: Purso Group
  • Business areas: Aluminum extrusion, Aluminum light poles, SmartCity
  • Employees: > 200
  • CEO: Jan-Willem Vos



  • Number of extrusion presses: 2
  • Capacity: 60,000 tons (Purso Group)
  • Production volume (2022): 40,000 tons
  • Production volume (2023): 40,000 tons
  • Max. profile size: 640 x 70 mm


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